Who is JDA?

All about J.D.A

Jane Charmane D. Ariola – my full name aka JDA. Yes, I was born with a long name. I can still remember the time I won a game during my Sri Lanka visit for having the longest name among all the participants for a global case study.
I am a CPA by profession. Nope, I am not one of those geek, nerdy, eyeglass dependent human calculators as some will say. I am free-spirited, strong and independent. I know exactly what I want and don’t want. I know my goals and one of them is to travel the globe and I will soon. I believe. I created this blog to serve as my life diary. Would you believe, at this ‘digital’ era, I still write daily journals? Not a digital one but using a pen and a notebook. And from those ‘manual’ journals, I want to translate my life diary to this modern space. I want to remember clearly the experiences I’ve had through traveling and tasting the life outside my comfort zone.
 In this online diary, I aim to:
  • Share how it is possible to go around every corner while being a corporate nomad
  • Show the best in every bit of my life/travel experiences
I know accomplishing these goals will not be easy but getting inspiration through life taught lessons will be of big help.
Summary about me:
  1. Traveler, (obviously)
  2. Home-buddy, (ironically, yes!)
  3. Digital nomad, (somehow, as well)
  4. Senior Auditor at PwC, (apparently, yes!)